Motorcycle Land Speed Racing At Bonneville

The Bonneville Salt Flats in western Utah are other worldly... a place where time and space seem to be altered.  And then there are the people that come from around the world to do other worldly things with speed on the salt. They do it with passion and commitment, without the cut throat competitiveness found in big sponsorship Nascar or drag racing. The land speed racing competitors form a community that help each other where ever and when ever they can.  They share a common bond for going fast and maybe establishing a world record in their class.

This site is dedicated to preserving a portion of the history that is Bonneville Motorcycle Land Speed Racing.

A very SPECIAL thanks to the Maning, opening up the “White Dyno” for hundreds of privateers to push their skills to the limit in the hopes of making history.


                                                                                          WHERE HISTORY IS MADE

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